Meet The Recruiter: Patrick Cosh

1. Tell us about yourself:

Hi, I’m Patrick Cosh, and I’m Regional Manager for the Americas at Cardiff University in Wales, UK. I’ve worked at Cardiff for 13 years and have been fortunate enough to visit countries all over the world as part of my role. I’ve worked in the Middle East, Africa, and South and South East Asia, and these days, when not in Cardiff, I’m usually to be found in the US, Canada or Latin America – or at least I was before the pandemic!

2. What are you most passionate about?

If there’s one thing that lockdown has brought home to me, it’s that I’m a people person! I’m fascinated by people – their stories, viewpoints and perspectives. I’m hoping to be back on the road soon, and connecting in that face to face way again.

3. Hobbies and personal interests

I’m a big music fan, and can often be found dashing into record stores between meetings in various US cities. I also love reading, although my two kids don’t leave me with as much time to settle down with a book as I would like! I’m a bit of a politics geek and recently completed a part time graduate programme in International Relations at the University – which was hard work but great fun.

4. How was it you became interested in the role?

How could anyone not be interested in a job like this?! I had travelled quite a bit as a student, and also had some experience of international working in a government role, so when I saw this job advertised, I leapt at it.

 5. What do you like best and least about your job?

The best bit is helping students to make the right choice for their future, and being part of those life changing decisions. The most challenging bit is the occasional bureaucracy.

6. What’s the thing you’ve recognized during the pandemic?

That the average American coffee is much better than its UK counterpart!